started from the bottom….

After much thought and discussion, I decided to unearth the blog.

There has continued to be a strong discussion about the role of social media in medicine and what could/should be posted by medical providers. Some of my physician colleagues on insta, like alison.earlymd and dralrahmani, have recently posted their opinions about the intersection of transparent openness and professionalism as a medical specialist posting regularly on social media.

During residency interviews, social media/insta/blogging was a HOT topic. After much consideration, I deactivated this blog prior to interviews. My interview time was limited with each individual and I wanted to be able to utilize that time to portray my true self, rather than let a single post or image that they found online define me. As being a member of the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine social media committee was plastered all over my ERAS application, people asked my opinion a LOT.

It’s a difficult discussion, and one that is continually evolving. We have never been so immersed in digital content as now, in 2019. Information has never been easier to access. That information, though, is not always heavily vetted and can be dangerously inaccurate.

So, as a newly minted physician — I’m going to continue craft my digital footprint. I’m back to share accurate medical data, to talk about imposter syndrome as a woman in medicine, and share my thoughts as a medical resident trying to figure out what the heck I got myself into!

So here’s to the next four years of residency (one in internal medicine and three in neurology).

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