Hi guys. Well….it’s been a while, hasn’t it. School is taking a lot of time lately, not that that is bad but just is. Also we have a lot of extracurriculars going on, like I have been shadowing, and we had a really cool trauma opportunity I’m going to tell you about NOW. 

On Thursday night, we had a program called “Preload” that was of course optional for us to attend. Simply an event put on by other med students that we were invited to. It was advertised as a trauma situational training so I said what the heck, sounds fun, let’s do it. OMG. You would have loved it. It was more than I could have ever imagined. There were gory mannequins, real tools to use, professionals to teach us, and so much fun that was shared in the learning process. Our scenario was this: We were at OYAM (mayo spelled backwards) hospital and a massive bus crash had occurred that accrued massive casualties. We were running an ED based on volunteers and we needed to triage and get these casualties out of the ED and onto their surgical hospitals as quickly and efficiently and safely as possible. 

Each of us assumed a role initially, but we got to do all the parts if we wanted.


We had a patient who had an amputated leg, a pelvic fracture, deep facial wound, chest puncture, burned hand, rectal bleeding, and intestinal perforation through the skin. 

Jeremiah, my classmate, took charge and was the team leader and barked orders (not really barked) for us to follow. We ended up having to apply pressure to wounds, use an army tourniquet, use a primitive splint to stabilize the neck, and then the fun parts came. We needed to 1) put in a chest tube, and 2) intubate (breathing tube down throat). 

So, to put in the chest tube we had a real pork rack of ribs and we made our incisions above the rib, inserted our finger to hold the space open, and inserted the tube using tools to “efficiently” but fakely drain the fluid from the chest cavity. Here’s Jeremiah doing it:

And here’s our trauma patient. You can see all the stuff we had to help him out with to ensure he lived!!! Especially that pelvic securing bedsheet. 😉

Then, I had a relaxing Friday evening to wind down from my busy week. But it was much needed because I left Saturday at 7am for Minneapolis, where I would fly to Chicago for Jeff’s cousin’s wedding. The van and flight were not entirely long, and I chose this travel option so I could study while I traveled (because we have two huge exams this week). It was still really tiring. 

But the time spent with Jeff, his family, and the wedding party was worth it!!! I got so much quality time in in the 24 hours. Here are some pics from our special time. 


I know sometimes I say I’m a master chef, but today I’m serious, I outdid myself. and I barely lifted a finger.

I literally pan seared a pot roast really quick and added some spices and threw it in the deep covered baker and let it cook for 3 hours while I putzed around the house. OMG. You guys. I didn’t even try or do anything to deserve this outcome, but it is so juicy, tender, flavorful. I blame the DCB!!!!!!!!

You gotta try it out.
So good.

Then I obviously made some mashed potatoes, because you have to eat pot roast with some sort of potato.

The pic is not professional and totally doesn’t do it justice. You have to envision me in my kitchen jumping up and down after I took the first bite, so ecstatic that the girl who added a whole stick of butter to a cookie dough mix and caused the cookies/buttermix to burn into the oven could now, only a few years later make a flavorful and actually decent home cooked meal.

Life is sometimes so shocking.

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