My first experience, today, as a Mayo patient was an interesting one. I tried to pretend I knew nothing about the building so that I could get an accurate representation about how a patient would feel coming in fresh. To find the location was not difficult, though it should be noted that there are certain elevators for certain floors and different elevators for different parts of a connected building. So that could definitely be tricky. There are also volunteers that direct patients, so that is VERY helpful if you get lost or can’t determine where to go.

I went through my appointment, had filled out my pre-appointment information, including insurance information, and thought everything would be peachy-keen because I have double insurance, one through Mayo and one through my Mom (Priority Health). 

During the appointment, I was ordered an EEG due to some meds I am on. So ok, I go downstairs, find the location of the diagnostic area. Get my EEG done. Easy. 

Had a voicemail from provider – I am needed at Business Services for more information. So I go there. They don’t have my insurances on file because I have never been seen at Mayo. Ok. So I give her my insurance (A second time, because it was already on my sheet from my visit), but its fine, because I probably SHOULD have gone through patient business services and admissions before hand. Ok. Not a problem there.

So the woman was very helpful and told me I need to determine which insurance is my primary, because apparently I can’t choose which one I want billed first or at all. I also need to determine if I normally need a pre-authorization. If I do, then my visit today wouldn’t be covered. But don’t worry, she said, your EEG is only $200 out of pocket. WHew…yeah ok. because I felt like spending $200 for a 10 second test. 

ANYWAYS. She was very helpful, I can’t overstate that enough. I went home and called both insurances. Priority must be the first to be billed. BUT Mayo Clinic Rochester is out of network. So my deductible is quite high. 

So after four phone calls, and about 2.5 hours of time. I am GUESSING that I will be covered by both insurances when one doesn’t pay, the other will. That is my understanding from the four phone calls PLUs calls to insurance company.

And to think that I am well-insured. How do all of these patients handle this?!!?!?!?!? Craziness. Also, how do you deal with this when you are 800 miles from the Clinic and can’t go into business services and lay out your life for them for them to assist you! 

It’s tough being an adult some days. 

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