Thursday was the first day that I felt unprepared for medical school. Which in context of how long we have been in school so far, seems really lucky. During Histology, which we have twice a week (tues and thurs), we have early morning quizzes in which we are required to know all the material that will be presented for the day ahead of time. As you can imagine, this is a lot of fresh material that we haven’t necessarily been exposed to before, especially the interpretation of histology slides. Deciphering what is “high yield” (most important) from the textbook is often a struggle. Especially when the chapters are 30-100 pages long. Here’s an example of something we need to be able to point out every cell/cell type of. 
We are quizzed on this BEFORE we learn it, keep in mind. 

This isn’t necessarily HARD given my current training in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, but it does require studying and learning quickly.

Well. Wednesday night I was TIRED. I had only slept around 4 hours after a restless night. So I decided to go to bed early and get up around 4:45 to study (which I do commonly, I’m fresher in the morning before class).

Five alarms later and I was getting out of bed at 6am. 😦 Sadness. Less time to shove it all into my brain quickly. 

I did fine on the quiz, and I know its nothing to complain about. It’s one day.

But just saying. We all feel unprepared, especially here. It’s Mayo. My days aren’t always cushy like I sometimes make them out to be. We have a lot to learn and a lot to do, including basic doctoring where we see standardized patients. So basically fake patients (actors). So far I have had a 15 YO Caucasian male that had a drinking problem and crashed his bike. I counseled him on underage drinking. then I had a 57 YO Caucasian male. He wanted a med refill but had a male partner. In reality, they tested my ability to be non-judgemental in this situation, which…..I guess some people have problems with, but I am not one of those people. I have taken hundreds of histories in the past at the free clinic, so these do not phase me much. I have encountered much sicker and interesting/complex patients, so I am excited to move on to the more complex patients.

Overall, these are GREAT experiences as a developing physician. I don’t want to underestimate them or under-portray them at all. I think the simulation center that Mayo has built is a fascinating and intricate system that is so beneficial to our education up until even being a practicing physician. Physicians and residents still train at this center to enhance patient interactions and quality of care. They do everything from intubations to emergency care. Which is awesome.

Anyways, wanted to let you know that its not all fancy dinners and networking, but its books and knowledge and shoving info into my brain at 4am. 

Purkinje, of course, loves when I’m up at night because it’s his prime time and I play with him on study breaks.

Let the sleepless cat-filled nights commence!

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