Wow. What a week it has been. The first week of our schooling at Mayo Med School. With every sentence spoken to me, and every moment walking around the Rochester campus of the Mayo Clinic, I am more excited to continue my education and career here. My classmates are AMAZING, diverse, interesting, and fun to be around. Plus, they are brilliant.

We have done all orientation activities this week, like configuring computers and VPNs and worrying about how our schedules will go, learning about parking rules, and the dress code (“Mayowear”). 

If you didn’t notice already, we are business casual and occasionally professionally dressed. Whenever we interact with patients we are wearing full suits, professional wear. At Mayo, physicians (called “consultants” here) do not wear white coats so as not to create a barrier between the physician and the patient. Instead, we all dress professionally and expect that the staff around us does the same. We wear our badges to distinguish ourselves from patients and their families. We have separate elevators, stairways, and subway (underground walkways) passages so as not to congest patient areas and not to make them nervous by our presence.  In a lot of ways, it makes a great deal of sense. 

Today, our class was introduced (I should say entertained) by Dr. John Noseworthy, the CEO of Mayo Clinic. He is fabulous. Hilarious, hardworking, and handsome. The three H’s. Having practiced for many years and conducted clinical research, he understands our position and that of the practicing physicians around him. Mayo Clinic states in its bylaws that the clinic must always be led by a physician, so the heart of medicine is not lost and the needs of the patient always come first.

I wasn’t ballsy enough on the first day to wear my pink blazer, because 1) we had to dress professionally…and pink pant suits are questionably professional. 2) we had to take our ID pictures that will be haunting us for 5 years.

So. I Wore it the second day. ha! PLUS MATCHING LIPSTICK. Yep. I’m cool.

Today, our class also decided to take a group photo, as we haven’t had one taken yet. Our real group photo will be taken at our Commitment to Human Values ceremony in August (white coat ceremony everywhere else…but remember? Mayo doesn’t wear white coats).

I thought it turned out really well!! I’m in the second row middle.

Finally…..the REVEAL OF MY STUDY SPACE. I have posted my desk photo before, but the hardware (special ordered) finally came in. So here’s the study space I have created for the long nights of biochemistry, histology, and anatomy. Complete with lamp, bookshelf, tons of drawers filled with sticky notes and pens, highlighters, a calendar white board and pictures of fun people.

In august I’ll have an office chair coming from Michigan, but until then, it’s one of the dining room chairs. Which I don’t think looks too shabby. 

All for now. More soon.

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