Today was the official first day of med school. And everyone is asking me, Have they piled on the homework yet???
We are in an orientation week, learning the in’s and out’s of mayo clinic and exploring all it has to offer. For example, today we learned about our new HP Computers, that every student gets, we learned more about our financial aid, and of course about our classmates and administration. Today we dressed business professional, and most of the week will be business casual, except thursday when we meet the CEO of Mayo Clinic.

We also got our PAGERS. Yep. I’m hip now, with a pager.
Tomorrow we will get our badges. Pics to come.

This evening, we first went to Zumba, which they hold for FREE outside in the peace plaza. It is so nice. The music is upbeat, fun, and a lot of inspiring empowered women songs and routines. A bunch of girls from Mayo joined us. Then, a lot of our class got together at Whiskey Binkies by the lake. It was good food, but GREAT company. We are cherishing the time we have to spend with each other in fun, while we know that the hard work is coming.

Here are some pictures from the day! And one oldie because it’s so pretty.

Kathy’s pub rooftop:

Our great hall, also holds many library resources for med students. Here we were eating breakfast and getting our pictures taken for our badges.
Outdoor zumba in the plaza. I’m guessing there were at least 50 people participating
Most of my class at Whiskey Binkies by the Lake. !

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