I am home for two months before I go to med school and following my undergraduate degree. For some reason in my boredom (apart from working at JC Penney), I decided to start perusing Craigslist for furniture that I could rework and restore into better and improved pieces. Having lived in completely furnished apartments previous to this, I also am looking forward to building my own apartment, completely designed by me. That being said, I am broke. Like, seriously. So poor. But from my financial cushion, I decided I could spare a few bucks to put into some pieces. The original plan was to sell most of them, but I decided I liked a few too much to give them up. I justify this by rationalizing that I really haven’t spent much money on these pieces compared to what I would have buying them new or even used somewhere. And I can make my own color schemes.

Here’s a tidbit of what I’ve done so far.

End Table: haggled down to $25 local thrift store
Paint and sandpaper accessories: $20 Home Depot
Accessory drawer (that has since changed because I hated the gray one): $8 TJ Maxx

Total into this piece: $53 Not great, but not bad.

I anticipate using it for an entryway surface to put keys, letters, papers, etc. Maybe a nice lamp like I have it set up in the picture. 

Next is my reclaimed chair. I found this chair on craigslist and after Pinteresting all kinds of reupholstery projects, I fell in love with this chair and NEEDED IT. 

I have never reupholstered in my life, so that was interesting. Though it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. They keys to doing a good job are:

  •  take notes as you deconstruct the original fabric
  • Label each piece of fabric and the top and bottom. Number them 1-#. The last number will be what you put back on first.
  • Get excess fabric. I luckily bought enough (7 yds upholstery fabric that I used for an ottoman too) but Joann’s ran out, so if I needed more I would have been SOL. 
  • Get cute upholstery tacks. They will help with the design
  • Use deep staples. Mine aren’t quite deep enough and the fabric will be easy to rip off if I reupholster. I’m keeping this piece, so I don’t really mind. 

Overall spending.:
Original Chair – $40. Craigslist
Upholstery Fabric and Tacks: $60 with Joanns sale and coupon.
Sewing Machine and thread – already had. 
Clothesline rope for piping: my mom had some laying around!!
Staples and Staple Gun: $20
Wood stripper: $5.
Poly and Natural Stain: had laying around

Total into this chair: $125. Not bad at all! Considering it is my own fabric choice and the craftsman ship is pretty darn good (in my humble opinion).
I just love how the wood turned out on the feet. SO PRETTY. 

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