It’s really hard to believe but in July I will be heading to Rochester, MN for my next adventure: Medical School at the Mayo Clinic. 
First I want to talk a little about the admissions process to med school. My number one tip is not to be discouraged, because honestly, it’s a game and most of the time you don’t know all the rules. Submitting your application to the best of your ability with a kick-ass personal statement doesn’t guarantee your admissions, and especially not at the schools you consider your “safety” schools. I applied to fifteen schools and I will admit that with my grades I was a bit worried about where I would fit in. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t perfect. My personal story, however, is much different than most (maybe I will share more about that in days to come). 

Mayo looked at my application and my personality holistically, which I can’t thank them enough for. They are interested in the person behind the papers and want to see that you are a dedicated learner, passionate about a patient-driven, team-oriented approach to medicine that doesn’t leave anyone behind. My role as a “patient advocate” fit their vision of medicine very well, and in my opinion, my interviewers/interviews rocked. 

So, this blog will be the start of my journey onwards, away from my undergrad degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, into my personal life and things that keep me ticking. 

Full disclosure now: This blog will be nothing but real.


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